Preparing for Christmas Fairs

It’s a busy time of year for any crafter with lots of fairs to prepare for, stock to make, packaging to sort out, websites to keep updated…..I could go on and if you do fairs I’m sure you can easily add things to this list.

Over the past week I’ve been making new Christmas themed stock and today started to pull it all together with the packaging and thinking about how to display it on my craft stall. I’ve been posting images of some of the new glass designs onto facebook and they’ve been well received which has led to sales and me making lots more glass stockings. They are a simple design but I am happy to create lots of them as I can make them all slightly different which means it’s continually interesting to do….not so sure I could focus on making as many Father Christmas’ or snowmen!


Today I spent several hours adding ribbon to hang the decorations, sorting them into sets and putting them into gift bags. Then came a rummage through the garage to see what display baskets I had for the stall…..I was definitely glad that the kiln was kicking out a fair amount of heat brrrrr it was cold today wasn’t it! Anyway I think the cupcake stand was a perfect solution and might even be a suitable mini xmas tree substitute….what do you think? I’ll decide towards the end of the week I think.

Next on the ‘to do’ list were the Christmas cards and Santa keys. I’m suspecting the keys could be a top seasonal seller this year based on how well they have been received so far. I’ll be sending some over to Chicken and Frog Bookshop in Brentwood too.


All this creativity is great for my business  but not so good for the tidiness of the house… kitchen is madness this eve….Does anyone ever manage to craft neatly?!?