Fused Glass Workshop Date Updates

**Workshop availability update**

1st Feb Bunting and Bowls at Craft Classes at Beautiful Things, Ingrave, Brentwood £45 2 spaces

18th Feb 10-12.30 glass bunting £45 1 space

24th Feb 10-4 fused glass day for anyone who can already cut glass £85 1 space

8th March 10-1pm Textures and Metals Masterclass at Glass From The Past, Barleylands, Billericay £50

25th March 10-1pm Woven Bowls and Metal Effects – advanced class £50 3 spaces

7th April 10-12.30 Glass Bunting £45 3 spaces

8th April 10-12 Stop Frame Animation for children at Craft Classes at Beautiful Things, Ingrave, Brentwood £20

8th April 1-3 Fused Glass for child and parent at Craft Classes at Beautiful Things, Ingrave, Brentwood £38

10th April 10-3.30 Glass Triptych panels- advanced class £90 1 space

12th April 10-1pm Landscapes Masterclass at Glass From The Past, Barleylands, Billericay £50

13th April 10-4 beginners fused glass £85 1 space

16th April 10-1pm Glass Jewellery and Beads £45 3 spaces

16th April 6.30-9pm Glass Bunting £45 3 spaces

Chilling in the sunshine with glass

I have good intentions about keeping this blog updated more regularly so lets see how long I can keep it going…..

Part of the reason I’ve not blogged is that I’ve had a lot more supply teaching come my way than I’d ever expected but Fridays are currently my day off….well I say day off but what I really mean is my day out of school, because I’ve had a repeat student here creating a lovely hot air balloon out of glass. It’s for a friend of hers who had a baby a few months ago and the nursery has a balloon theme, so this should sit perfectly in the window. The balloon combines layered fusing techniques and a lattice effect on the basket, which will therefore have holes in it like a wicker basket. The colours will be much bolder and brighter and absolutely perfect for any child’s room.ImageWhile Amy was making her balloon I was working on some of my own designs which need several firings in the kiln. This is layer 1 of glass powder applied carefully to a base of white glass. Next will come a 2nd layer of glass and people will also be added. I’ll show you more once I’ve done this so keep your eyes peeled.

Glass Workshops in the Essex countryside

Back in the summer when it was scorching hot (yes we really did have a few non-rainy days!) I ran a fusing workshop at my house for 3 lovely ladies. 2 were friends and had come along having seen what a friend of theirs had been making with me and the other had seen me at RHS Hyde Hall Craft Fair. It was so hot that day I actually had to move the location of the workshop from the conservatory so that we didn’t melt!!! I think that’s why I can remember it so well as days like that didn’t happen much this year did they?

The 2 friends contacted me a couple of months ago keen to come back and learn more and wanted to bring 2 others with them too….I love how glass fusing enthusiasm is contagious like this hehe. So yesterday the group came along with some sketchy plans of what they wanted to make in glass and we had a great time chatting and making glass dishes, candle lights and jewellery.

glass landscape

Christine wanted to make the 4 seasons in glass for her mantelpiece and came armed with a book of flowers for technical accuracy, Philippa thought she was going to make something Christmassy but after seeing how long it was going to take to cut out lots of circle shapes this quickly developed into Christmas presents for her friends instead. Alison was more unsure but took inspiration from a blue colour pallet and made a lovely aquatic dish among other bits n pieces and Bobby was so determined to get her colours right for a present that she rang a family member to check they would match their decor. This level of thought about design definitely helped them to create a wide range of fantastic fused glass pieces.

fused glass dish

Over the next few days the kilns will be going crazy fusing everything flat and then slumping everything into/over moulds….especially as I had another 1 to 1 glass lesson in the evening with fused glass Christmas decorations on the menu.

fused glass christmas decorations

For now I think it’s tidying for me as this is the current state of my conservatory…..post glass workshop scene

Fused Glass Workshop Teaching

Fused glass bunting workshop

Over the weekend I taught 2 glass fusing workshops at Make, Do and Mend in Chelmsford, Essex. The morning session was fused glass jewellery and 3D glass sun catchers while the afternoon was fused glass bunting. There was a great buzz in the new workshop space at the shop as students busied themselves creating their own gorgeous designs, cutting glass and then chatting about the glass work that their friends were making. Several commented on their feedback forms that they wished they’d had even longer being able to work with the glass or that they would be back to make more….I love it when other people get as inspired by glass as I do 🙂

Watch this space for photos of the work in the kiln- before and after firing…I was impressed with what they created and think the outcomes will be great.