Glass powder workshop

Last week I had a request for a workshop in using glass powders with the aim of creating a mini artist masterpiece. Marie had been unable to attend my masterclass when I ran it earlier in the summer so thought she’d see when I was doing another one. After comparing diaries it looked like she would have to wait nearly a month so we did the opposite and went for a matter of days after the phone call. It’s one of the advantages of having a teaching space at home that I can run a workshop whenever I like 🙂


Step one when working with glass powders is to learn how to apply it evenly and how to layer it without moving the colours you’ve put on already. Marie worked with some of my stencils to experiment with this and then created her own stencil to make a glass version of a painting she has hanging on her kitchen wall.

It will all go into the kiln within the next few days (I’ve got a bit of a backlog with all the recent workshops that need different firing schedules!) and as soon as its finished I’ll post a photo of it on here.

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