Maasai Giraffe Necklace




Now that the giraffe was painted I could move onto making the glass for the beaded necklace, which was going to be a key feature of the giraffe design. I had no idea how many pieces of glass I was going to need to make and couldn’t attach them as I went along as I was also painting 3 coats of varnish onto the giraffe at the same time.Image

I therefore spent hours and hours cutting up small pieces of glass in the hope that I’d make enough. I even tried laying them out on a template in the kitchen to see how far they would go. Despite this I seriously underestimated just how much I needed!


On my 2nd weekend with the giraffe I began attaching the pieces I’d made. Gradually the design began to take shape but I could tell that if I didn’t go slightly overboard with the glass I’d be in danger of it looking a bit half hearted so I was back to making more pieces. This time I made a LOT of pieces. There was no way I was going to run out this time… fact if I did I’d be running very short on time to finish the giraffe so it was all or nothing time.


After several days of battling with the glue that was too sticky …..I say too sticky, it was what I needed so the glass couldn’t be pulled off, or fall off in the rain! but it was still a pain as it stuck to everything and was so thick it didn’t want to come out of the tube!!!……this is what I created….


…..and then it hit me….the glass was all finished and that mean the giraffe was finished. 

I’d expected to be all excited and over the moon that it was all done but I think I was too tired for that. It was a very strange feeling to have. Maybe the other giraffe artist felt the same, who knows but the anti-climax feeling didn’t last for long and just a couple of days later I was all bubbly and excited again as I delivered a completed giraffe to Colchester Zoo.


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