Finishing the Painting Stage

Sunday morning started with finishing the draping fabric. 2nd layers of red were needed, as were stripes for definition and creases to help it look more realistic. By the time Di arrived I had pretty much managed to achieve this 🙂 so we were ready for the next step.


After a quick cuppa Di also had a paintbrush in her hand and was put to work adding layer 2 of the cream body colour. Di is a few inches taller than me but even she couldn’t see the top of the giraffe from the ladder so out came the digital camera. Photos helped us to see the bits we had missed around the ears/horns. Very handy.



The only bit left to do now was the mask and thankfully due to the scorching weather the paint dried really quickly so I could add the 2nd layers pretty much as soon as the 1st was done, which definitely helped to speed things up.


And so the giraffe was all painted …..



…..and we could go out for tea and cake to celebrate…well it was Di’s birthday so it’d be rude not to 😉 (fab friend for helping me out too)


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