Stand Tall Giraffes

Stand Tall

Elephants on the streets of London, Swans in Wells and Gromit dogs coming soon to Bristol. These are all examples of similar projects to Stand Tall, the amazing Colchester giraffe trail that I have been lucky enough to be a part of this summer.

giraffe design

Back in December I submitted my design for a Massai Warrior giraffe to Colchester Zoo and then kept my fingers crossed it would be picked. Unfortunately, I had a call from the zoo saying it hadn’t been chosen but…..there was still hope. They wanted to hang onto my design as they liked it and were looking for more sponsors, so again I kept my fingers crossed and at the start of May I was in luck. Imaginative Traveller, a tour company based in Suffolk, had chosen my design and as there was just 1 more giraffe left would I be able to make the final giraffe? Yes yes yes of course I could 🙂 by the end of May? “Yes I’ll do it”….and then I got an email asking me to aim for 24th May “eeekkkk!!!” That was just 15 days away.



I was a woman on a mission from then on……



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