1st Weekend with the Giraffe

girafffe painting in progress

girafffe painting in progress

It’s Thursday lunchtime and a plain white giraffe arrives at my house, from Brighton, on the back of a small trailer…the driver mentioned he’d had a few strange looks on the motorway!!! Well you couldn’t miss it could you? 🙂

By the time I get back from school the wind is creating havoc with the electricity and I keep having power cuts which doesn’t make it very easy to find out what primer/sealers I need from the email the zoo have sent that day. That calls for a little creative thinking and a phone call to my brother-in-law to access my email and read it to me on my mobile. Nothing like a challenge to get this done eh!

Thursday evening is my 1st trip out to B&Q for the primer en route to my choir rehearsal….we are learning new music so there’s no way I can miss going….but it does mean I needed to prime the giraffe when I got home at 10.30pm!!!! Ok, not a problem, I can do that….or so I thought until I was up a ladder with a paintbrush when we get yet another power cut. So what do I do? …get out the torch and finish painting the base coat by torchlight? yes, why not.

Friday morning involves base coat number 2, a trip to B&Q for coloured paints, Hobbycraft for acrylic and brushes, back home to draw out the design and paint the cream body, out to the glass shop to buy the glass for the necklace and back home again to paint the brown patches…..just a little bit hectic but it saved me sitting around waiting for paint to dry.


It didn’t take long to realise that the paint was going to need 2 coats to cover the base the way I wanted. You can see in the photo above just how different the brown patches look when they have 2 coats as opposed to 1. The colour is much more intense and doesn’t look patchy. I was determined to get 2 coats of brown done before going to bed but by 11pm I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and gave in to sleep.

Saturday morning I was determined to get the brown patches finished before a trip out to the dentist and thankfully managed just that. The afternoon was then my chance to move onto the red fabric. I knew that I had to get the creases correct or it just wouldn’t look realistic so I laid a stripey cloth over the giraffe, photographed it and then drew onto the giraffe from the photo. It worked a treat.


I set myself a target to get the stripes all done before bed on Saturday but again I had to give in ….after working on it for 5hrs straight I suddenly realised just how long I’d worked without a break, sat down for dinner and that was it. When I tried to pick up my brush I knew I was in danger of ruining it so cleared away and went to sleep, thankful that I was getting a little help from my friend Di the following day.


2 thoughts on “1st Weekend with the Giraffe

  1. I like the cunning idea of using the cloth for reference, it did look good!
    I didn’t realise the giraffes came from Brighton. I went to college there ( 22 years ago now, eek! )

    • I’m not sure if they all came from Brighton as Wild in Art aren’t based there but my one definitely was. I’ll bet uni there was grt. It’s got such an arty reputation.

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