Chilling in the sunshine with glass

I have good intentions about keeping this blog updated more regularly so lets see how long I can keep it going…..

Part of the reason I’ve not blogged is that I’ve had a lot more supply teaching come my way than I’d ever expected but Fridays are currently my day off….well I say day off but what I really mean is my day out of school, because I’ve had a repeat student here creating a lovely hot air balloon out of glass. It’s for a friend of hers who had a baby a few months ago and the nursery has a balloon theme, so this should sit perfectly in the window. The balloon combines layered fusing techniques and a lattice effect on the basket, which will therefore have holes in it like a wicker basket. The colours will be much bolder and brighter and absolutely perfect for any child’s room.ImageWhile Amy was making her balloon I was working on some of my own designs which need several firings in the kiln. This is layer 1 of glass powder applied carefully to a base of white glass. Next will come a 2nd layer of glass and people will also be added. I’ll show you more once I’ve done this so keep your eyes peeled.

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